Wrongful Death Cases, Accidents 



        My name is Lawrence P. Adamsky, Esq. I’m a lawyer who litigates to compensate families of victims of tragic accidents. A death of a loved one is an unbelievable disaster that you never anticipate or expect happening to you or your family.  But when you do hear the horrific news of an accident involving your loved one, you need to turn to someone for help to hold those who are responsible for this tragedy accountable.  

         You now need the professional help of an experienced lawyer.  You should not speak to the insurance adjusters, as they are not on your side and their goal is to minimize legal liability of those who are responsible, and get away with the least amount of compensation possible. 

         Talk to me now and let me protect your family’s rights and fight for you.  As a dedicated wrongful death lawyer I will immediately take necessary steps to preserve and protect your legal rights, and build a strong case for you by investigating the cause of the disaster, ascertaining all responsible parties, and meticulously preparing and proving your case before a jury.

            There is no legal fee or cost of any kind, unless and until we prevail against those who are responsible.

I invite you to call my office now at (310) 974-6739 in order to make arrangements for legal representation in a wrongful death matter. If necessary, I will come to your home to meet with you.